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Rx Bandits - “The Resignation” 3 Color A Side B Side Double Vinyl + T-Shirt

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Rx Bandits - “The Resignation” 3 Color A Side B Side Vinyl + T-Shirt

**Please Note! This is a Preorder item with an expected ship date Spring 2024**

Track Listing: 
1. Sell You Beautiful
2. Prophetic
3. Newsstand Rock (exposition)
4. Overcome (with recapitulation)
5. Never Slept So Soundly
6. Taking Chase As The Serpent Slithers
7. Republic
8. Mastering The List
9. Falling Down The Mountain
10. Dinna-dawg (the inevitable onset of lunacy)
11. Pal-treaux
12. Decrescendo

For the 20th Anniversary of the RX Bandit’s stellar album “The Resignation”, we have remastered the album for double LP vinyl with 5 brand new variants in a fantastic gatefold package! Grab them while they last!

Pressing Info:
300: Ghostly: Clear + Silver (Urban Outfitters Exclusive)
500: Galaxy: Ruby with Black (DTR Exclusive)
500: Color in Color: Clear with Apple Red (UK/EU/Various Distro)
800: 3 Color A-Side/B-Side: Tangerine, Baby Blue, and Bone (DTR Exclusive)
1000: Ruby Apple, White, and Blue Jay Splatter (Band Exclusive)